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New! Midwest LRIG "List Serve"

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Welcome to the new Midwest LRIG online communications portal! While formally a "blog", this is intended to provide the same functionality at as "bulletin board" or "list serve", which is to be an online source for the exchange of ideas between Lab Scientists and Engineers.

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Being an integrator, I use different liquid handlers for various applications, many times it is customer driven by personal preference or experience that they have had. I use the V11/Agilent Bravo frequently in automated systems as it is a good liquid handler overall and quite often for NGS library prep. For high speed cherry picking applications, the BioNex Solutions BumbleBee is a clear choice.


Tom Strader
Tom Strader
Oct 28, 2020

What automated liquid handler are you using and for what application?

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